Sunday, February 20, 2005

First Steps

It's the second week of Lent. As part of my Lenten observance I've putting pursuing a project I've meant to pursue for a number of years. Let me explain.

I serve as a Lector at St. Rose of Lima Parish in Layton, Utah. That means I get to read from the Old Testament and Epistle at Mass. (Please note that the linked article is historical and -- at least in my experience -- the modern Lector is defined as "the person we can get to volunteer".)

One dear woman from the parish has often asked me to record the scriptures. This request sets me at war with myself. I try to remember that being a Lector is about sharing God's word -- not about me. My constant paryer when I serve at a Mass is "Lord, let them hear your words and not my voice."At the same time I must confess (ha!) that I get an ego boost from reading.

Yet I do read reasonably well. God has granted me some Grace to read.

I'm still not sure about whether or not I should record anything, but for my Lenten observance I've decided to assemble a script. Using the Hero's Journey as a model, I'm assembling a script of the Journey of Christ. For copyright reasons, I'll use the KJV. My goal is to have a completed script by Easter.

Will I record it? I don't know.

The script is the first step in my own the words of the Hero's Journey, it's a threshold crossing.