Saturday, April 02, 2005

In Pace Requiscat Frater

Earlier today Pope John Paul II, the leader of my Faith, passed from this life into the next. I am a convert to the Catholic church and so John Paul II was the only Pope I've ever had.

I am sorry to see him go, but I am also happy for him. He lived his life well, advanced the Faith, refused to compromise on the truth, reached out to people of other faiths, and (in the end) showed us how to accept earthly suffering and die well.

The Saturday Mass at St. Rose was especially well attended. None of us (CAC, the boys, nor myself) were scheduled to serve. At the last moment I was asked to be the lector. I count it an honor. The readings were particularly appropriate -- especially the reading from First Peter.

I pray for his Holiness as he enters his eternal reward. I pray for the Church as the Cardinals meet to identify the new Pope. And I pray for all believers (of any faith) that we all might be inspired by the life of John Paul II.